Otani – G-45

Application: Off-Road/Industrial Tire, Loader, Dozer & Earth Mover Tires
Brand: Otani
Construction: Bias
Pattern: G-45
Country of Origin: Thailand

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Rim DIA (in)SizeItem #DescriptionPRTRA CodeMax Speed (mph)Max. Inflation Pressure (psi)Max Load (lbs)Section Width (in)Overall DIA (in)Tread Depth (32nds/in)
2414.9-24736CTL Tire Only10R 42536617415.9450.0834
2416.9-24740FTL Tire Only10R 42532639517.5253.6234
2416.9-24740JTL Tire Only12R 42538716617.7253.6634
2417.5L-24744FTL Tire Only10R 42532617417.9551.5734
2417.5L-24744MTL Tire Only12R 42536660418.1152.0134
2418.4-24749CTL Tire Only10R 42528738718.5855.5935
2418.4-24749FTL Tire Only12R 42536826918.955.6735
2419.5L-24751ETL Tire Only10R 42530661519.4951.6534
2419.5L-24751ITL Tire Only12R 42534760719.5351.7334
2421L-24752ETL Tire Only12R 42534760121.9755.5135
2816.9-28784JTL Tire Only10R 42532678016.9355.3134
2816.9-28784LTL Tire Only12R 42538760717.0155.5134

Disclaimer: Tire only, wheel rim not included.  Images are for illustration purposes only, actual product may differ.  Specifications and images are subject to change.

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