Otani – R-55

Application: Off-Road Tire (OTR), Loader, Dozer & Earth Mover Tire
Brand: Otani
Construction: Bias
Pattern: R-55
Country of Origin: Thailand

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Rim DIA (in)SizeItem #DescriptionPRTRA CodeSection Width (in)Overall DIA (in)Tread Depth (32nds/in)
2414.00-24436LTL Tire Only20E 314.7253.1539
2414.00-24436ETL Tire Only24E 314.7253.1539
2414.00-24436HTT W.FLAP28E 314.7253.1539
2416.00-24474STL Tire Only16E 317.9157.8745
2515.5-25473DTL Tire Only12L 315.3150.8735
2515.5-25473QTL Tire Only16L 315.3150.8735
2516.00-25474PTL Tire Only28E 317.6457.845
2517.5-25475LTL Tire Only16L 317.1353.0340
2518.00-25476PTL Tire Only32E 321.0663.1552
2518.00-25476TTL Tire Only40E 321.0663.1552
2526.5-25482DTL Tire Only24L 326.7769.5360
2526.5-25482NTL Tire Only28L 326.7769.5360
2526.5-25TL Tire Only32
3318.00-33476RTL Tire Only32E 320.8771.8552

Disclaimer: Tire only, wheel rim not included.  Images are for illustration purposes only, actual product may differ.  Specifications and images are subject to change.

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