Otani – US-43

Application: Off-Road Tire (OTR), Solid Tire
Brand: Otani
Construction: Bias
Pattern: US-43
Country of Origin: Thailand

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Rim DIASizeItem #DescriptionPRTRA CodeSection WidthOverall DIATread DepthLoad Capacity Up To 25 km/hLoad Capacity Up To 25 km/h
(in)(in)(in)(32nds/in)Load Wheel/lbsLoad Steer/lbs
85.00-8881KSolid Tire-4.5317.91293120.0752403.45
96.00-9566JSolid Tire-5.1220.67304156.4253197.25
106.50-10568MSolid Tire-6.522.64355159.73969
127.00-12579DSolid Tire-6.6925.79386438.64939.2
158.25-15582CSolid Tire-8.5432.094310462.7258048.25
1528X9-15594BSolid Tire-8.1527.36407596.2255843.25

Disclaimer: Tire only, wheel rim not included.  Images are for illustration purposes only, actual product may differ.  Specifications and images are subject to change.

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