Otani – F-33

Application: Agricultural Tire (AG)
Brand: Otani
Construction: Bias
Pattern: F-33
Country of Origin: Thailand

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Rim DIA (in)SizeItem #DescriptionPRTRA CodeMax Speed (mph)Max. Inflation Pressure (psi)Max Load (lbs)Section Width (in)Overall DIA (in)Tread Depth (32nds/in)
167.50-16316RTT Tire Only8R 118.655619188.6632.1325
168.00-16380ZTT Tire Only4R1/G124.862310478.3131.139
187.50-18703TTT Tire Only8R 118.655919298.2733.8625
188.00-18381BTT Tire Only6R1/G124.863414338.7433.0739
2412.4-24775FTT Tire Only8R 124.8632312011.2645.6735
2412.4-24775ETL Tire Only8R 124.8636337411.3445.6735
2412.4-24775RTL Tire Only12R 124.8644359411.3445.7135
2414.9-24736BTL Tire Only6R 118.6520333014.8850.3944
2414.9-24736ETT Tire Only8R 118.6526352815.1650.5944
2414.9-24736PTL Tire Only12R 118.6538441015.250.6344
2812.4/11-28776FTT Tire Only8R 118.6526330812.0149.4935
2816.9-28784MTT Tire Only10R-118.6528467517.1356.550
2818.4-28750ATT Tire Only8R 117.358.558
3016.9-30793DTT Tire Only8R 118.6524495017.2458.3958
3016.9-30793FTT Tire Only10R 118.6528541317.2858.558
3018.4-30795DTT Tire Only10R 118.6526620718.960.8358
3018.4-30795FTT Tire Only12R 118.6532701218.960.9458
3418.4-34814ETT Tire Only10R 118.6526653818.963.1158
3418.4-34814GTT Tire Only12R 118.963.140

Disclaimer: Tire only, wheel rim not included.  Images are for illustration purposes only, actual product may differ.  Specifications and images are subject to change.

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