Otani – EK2000

Application: Passenger Car Tire (PCR)
Brand: Otani
Construction: Radial
Pattern: EK2000
Country of Origin: Thailand

Product Details:

  • Good handling on wet and dry roads – Optimized tread pattern design to reduce hydroplaning risk, braking distance and ensure good wet-handling performance.  “Inside” and “outside” molded on to show correct direction.
  • Good comfort and low noise – Variable tread pattern design to reduce the noise and provide good comfort.
  • High mileage and low fuel consumption – Optimized tread compound formula to ensure longevity, good grip and lower fuel consumption.
  • Endurance – Spiral full-width nylon cap ply for good endurance.

Download Sell Sheet (PDF)

Rim DIA (in)SizeItem #DescriptionLoad Index Speed SymbolMax.Load (lbs)Max. Inflation Pressure (psi)Section Width (in)Overall DIA (in)Tread Depth (32nds/in)TractionTemp.Treadwear
14185/65R14S053E86H RATED RIB86H1168447.523.49AA600
15185/65R15S053L88H RATED RIB88H1235447.524.59AA600
15195/60R15S180U88H RATED RIB88H1235447.824.310AA600
15195/65R15S181T91H RATED RIB91H1356448259AA600
15205/65R15S193M94H RATED RIB94H1477448.225.69AA600
15205/70R15S195L96H RATED RIB96H1565448.526.29AA600
15215/70R15S198P98H RATED RIB98H1653448.926.89AA600
16205/55R16S191D91H RATED RIB91H1356448.324.910AA600
16205/60R16S191P92H RATED RIB92H1389448.125.710AA600
16205/65R16S194A95H RATED RIB95H1521448.126.59AA600
16215/55R16S196U93H RATED RIB93H1433448.925.310AA600
16215/60R16S198D95H RATED RIB95H1521448.826.110AA600
16225/60R16S201M98H RATED RIB98H1653448.926.611AA600
17215/55R17S197C93H RATED RIB93H1433448.926.311AA600

Disclaimer: Tire only, wheel rim not included.  Images are for illustration purposes only, actual product may differ.  Specifications and images are subject to change.

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